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Is shipping included in the price of the trailer?

Shipping is not included. Please see the next question below for more info on this!

I'm in a different State, how do I get my trailer?

There are multiple answers to this question! We are in Eugene, Oregon and could arrange delivering it ourselves for an extra fee to bordering States. Or, we could come up with a creative way to meet in the middle or something of the sort.

You could plan a little adventure and road trip to us! What better way to break in your new trailer :)

Another option is to ship the trailer on a flatbed truck through We know people who have done this successfully many times. We recommend making an account with that website and getting a quote.

Can my car pull the trailer?

We specialize in smaller trailers, generally 2000 lbs or less. This means that almost any SUV with a tow package can pull them! The specific weight of each trailer for sale will be listed in its description.

Why do some models have no bathroom?

We want our trailers to be simple and easy to maintain. We take a minimalist approach and personally enjoy not having to deal with black water/grey water and the smells associated with having a bathroom in a small space when we're camping.

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